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S13: Wiring Silvia Fog Lights

Filed Under (Exterior, S13 Specific) by Michael Pica on 01-05-2010

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If you’ve converted your S13’s pop-up headlights to fixed headlights from an S13 Silvia you probably realized that just about all the electrical connectors plug right in without any problem. The only exception being the fog lights. All 3 variations of the Silvia headlights include fog lights (Bricks, Dual Projectors, and Triple Projectors) The fogs are the inner most lamps on each of these headlight variations and they’re all wired the same. Thankfully they are also rather simple to wire up.

The only parts you will really need are four female spade connectors, as well as a pair of pigtail connectors from the pop-up headlight motors.

If your old pop-up motors were junk then there’s no harm in simply cutting off the connectors, if your old pop-up motors were good, I would recommend finding someone with some junk motor who is willing to cut the connectors off for you, else you’d ruin your good motors.

Start by cutting off all of the wires except for the brown and black wires. Normally I’d recommend de-pinning the unused wires, however since this connector will see the elements you’re better off leaving the old wires in there to plug the holes and keep water out of the connector.

If your motor leads are long enough you could probably get away with simply putting the spade connectors on the ends of the wires as is, however I opted to extend the connectors a number of inches to ensure I had ample slack in the wiring.

I recommend using spade terminals with a protective sheath to prevent accidental shorting. I used crimp on style terminals simply because it’s what I had available, if you’re more comfortable using a solder-type then by all means use those.

The motor connector side of your new harness can plug in right where you old pop-up motors used to plug in. The female spade connectors attach directly to the back of the fog light bulb and lamp housing. The black wire is 12V and connects to the housing (S13 headlights use a common hot configuration), the brown wire is ground and attaches to the male spade wire coming off of the bulb.

If your headlights didn’t include fog light bulbs you will need to pickup a pair of Standard “H3” bulbs from your local auto parts store, the same bulb is used for all S13 Silvia headlight types. I’ve seen people claim that these are “hard to find” but I was able to get them at my local AutoZone..

At this point you should be able to turn your fog lights on and off using the Pop-Up Retraction button in your dashboard (the button that used to put the pop-ups up and down). Though since with pop ups you want the headlights up when on, the button only really controls them with the headlights off, and you’re forced to have them on all the time when your headlights are on.

If you want to independently control your fog lights on or off regardless of whether or not your headlights are on then all you need to do is remove “Headlight Retractor Relay #4”; it’s the gray relay in the fuse box behind the battery, Simply pull it out and the button in the dash will now control the fogs independent of the headlights.

BE WARNED: Like the headlights, the fog lights can be turned on even when the car is not, however unlike the headlights you wont get the warning chime should you forget about them and leave them on. So remember to turn them off when you park your car or you’ll come back to a dead battery.

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