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LSx: Clutch Hydraulics

Filed Under (Drivetrain, LS1) by Michael Pica on 28-09-2009

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If you’re swapping a T-56 6-speed into your 240 along with your LSx then you will need to replace the factory Nissan clutch master for something more beefy, along with that you’ll also  need to make your own custom hydraulic clutch line as well as a custom bleeder line. This guide will walk you through the steps of constructing these parts as well  as installing them. Keep in mind that this is only one possible way to accomplish this, like most custom swaps there are many different ways to get things done.  This guide represents the most commonly used parts and method of accomplishing this.

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S13/S14 Clutch Pedal Comparison

Filed Under (Drivetrain, Interior) by Michael Pica on 10-09-2009

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Every so often the question comes up “is there a difference between the S13 and S14 clutch pedals”. The answer is “YES” however the differences are slight. I had spare clutch pedals from both an S13 and S14 handy so I took pictures of both so you could easily see the differences.
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