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SR20 ARP Head Stud Kit Install

Filed Under (Engine, SR20DET) by ghost_22_47 on 18-03-2012

Here is an install guide for ARP Head Studs into your SR20DET
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Re-seal and gasket your SR Part 1: Disassembly

Filed Under (Engine, Maintenance, SR20DET) by ghost_22_47 on 01-03-2012

Here is part 1 of the How to: Re-seal and gasket your SR20DET.

This first section is a step by step on disassembling your SR properly

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How To: Make an Injector Pigtail or re-wire a connector

Filed Under (Audio & Electronics, CA18DET, Engine, KA24DE, KA24E, LS1, Maintenance, RB20DET, RB25DET, RB26DETT, SBC, SR20DET) by ghost_22_47 on 16-01-2012

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This is a “How To” on making your own Injector Connector pigtail or wiring in new connectors in place of your existing old connectors.

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How to Swap an LS1 into a 240SX Part 1

Filed Under (Engine, LS1) by Michael Pica on 10-11-2010

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This write up will cover all the important topics on selecting the right parts to swap an LS1 into your 240SX. This Guide is written from the perspective of starting with a completely stock 240sx and swapping in a mostly stock LS1 style motor and can be applied to pretty much any S-Chassis from an S12 up through an S15, and any Gen III or Gen IV GM small block V8.

Part 1 covers the following topics: Choosing a Motor, Chassis Modification and Preparation, Engine Preparation. Read the rest of this entry »

LS1 AC Wiring

Filed Under (Engine, LS1) by Michael Pica on 14-03-2010

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I just went though the wiring for AC on the Vette and the Camaro into an S14… it’s actually pretty simple.

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LSx: Power Steering Pump Reducer Install

Filed Under (Engine, LS1) by Michael Pica on 08-02-2010

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The Problem:
Many people who swap an LS series motor into their 240SX or RX-7 tend to complain that the power steering pump is simply too powerful for the chassis. The steering ends up feeling “disconnected” since there is almost not feedback though the steering wheel.

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LSx: Clutch Hydraulics

Filed Under (Drivetrain, LS1) by Michael Pica on 28-09-2009

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If you’re swapping a T-56 6-speed into your 240 along with your LSx then you will need to replace the factory Nissan clutch master for something more beefy, along with that you’ll also  need to make your own custom hydraulic clutch line as well as a custom bleeder line. This guide will walk you through the steps of constructing these parts as well  as installing them. Keep in mind that this is only one possible way to accomplish this, like most custom swaps there are many different ways to get things done.  This guide represents the most commonly used parts and method of accomplishing this.

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KA24DE EGR Removal

Filed Under (Engine, KA24DE) by Michael Pica on 27-09-2009

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Whether you’re putting your car on an engine bay diet, trying to stick it to mother nature, or something else altogether (in my case I had a leaky EGR tube) removing the EGR system from a KA24DE is a fairly popular modification. In this guide I show you step by step how to remove it without having to tear apart your whole car in the process.

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LSx: Intake

Filed Under (LS1) by Michael Pica on 13-09-2009

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Which Intake to use:
The Factory intake piping likely wont fit in your S-chassis, Some aftermarket GTO setups might work with a little modification but it’s so easy and relatively inexpensive to just piece together your own that there’s no good reason not to.

There are three different setups that are relatively easy to go with, I’ll will discuss all three. Read the rest of this entry »

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