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S14 Kouki vs Zenki Headlight Bracket Comparison

Filed Under (Chassis, Exterior, Part Lists) by Michael Pica on 11-04-2011

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When converting your S14 from the Zenki (early period) style front end to a Kouki (late period) style front end one of the components deemed necessary for the swap is the headlight brackets. These brackets attach to the upper and lower radiator supports at the front of the car and provide a location for the inner edge of the headlights to bolt to. Read the rest of this entry »

S13: Wiring Silvia Fog Lights

Filed Under (Exterior, S13 Specific) by Michael Pica on 01-05-2010

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If you’ve converted your S13’s pop-up headlights to fixed headlights from an S13 Silvia you probably realized that just about all the electrical connectors plug right in without any problem. The only exception being the fog lights. All 3 variations of the Silvia headlights include fog lights (Bricks, Dual Projectors, and Triple Projectors) The fogs are the inner most lamps on each of these headlight variations and they’re all wired the same. Thankfully they are also rather simple to wire up.

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LS1 AC Wiring

Filed Under (Engine, LS1) by Michael Pica on 14-03-2010

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I just went though the wiring for AC on the Vette and the Camaro into an S14… it’s actually pretty simple.

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S13/S14 Clutch Pedal Comparison

Filed Under (Drivetrain, Interior) by Michael Pica on 10-09-2009

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Every so often the question comes up “is there a difference between the S13 and S14 clutch pedals”. The answer is “YES” however the differences are slight. I had spare clutch pedals from both an S13 and S14 handy so I took pictures of both so you could easily see the differences.
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