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240SX Stereo Installation and Upgrading

Filed Under (Audio & Electronics, Part Lists) by Michael Pica on 11-05-2010

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If your 240sx is Still equipped with factory speakers, it is highly recommended that you replace them. Even on a well kept, low mileage vehicle the foam surrounds are likely rotted beyond repair simply due to age (this was even apparent on a well kept low mileage S14 Kouki). Complete speaker replacement will benefit audio quality more than any other Stereo upgrade

Speaker Sizes:

S13 Front (Door): 4″x6″*, 2″ depth
S13 Rear (Hatch, Side Panel): 4″x6″*, 2.5″ depth
S13 Rear (coupe, Deck Lid): 6.5″**, 2.8″ depth
S13 Rear (Convertible, side panel): 6.5″, 3″ depth

S14 Front (Door): 6.75″ (aka oversized 6.5″), 2.8″ depth
S14 Front (A-Pillar): 3/4″, with 1/2″ depth (non-standard mounting)***
S14 Rear (Deck Lid): 6.75″ (aka oversized 6.5″)**, 2.8″ depth

  • Any speaker can be replaced with one that is smaller using any number of generic adapters
  • Extra depth can be obtained with a spacer, however this shrinks the space between the speaker face and the grill

*Note: The 4×6″ speakers can be replaced with 6.5″ speakers using adapter from MJM Auto Innovations. These adapter plates replace the factory speaker mounts and plastic “bucket”**

**Note: This speaker configuration leave the back side of the speaker open to air. It’s recommended that you buy a generic acoustic foam baffle to improve the sound reproduction. In areas such as doors where the factory mount and acoustic bucket has been removed this will also protect your speaker from water and dirt that finds its way into this area. XTC makes a number of acoustic foam baffles in various sizes.

***Note: The factory tweeters use a non-standard mounting configuration, this means that aftermarket tweeters will not bolt in to the stock location. Similarly there is no factory stand-alone cross over network; the tweeter wiring is simply split from the main front drivers somewhere on the harness, The tweeter wiring is not-accessible while the dashboard is installed in the car.

If replacing the tweeters with component speaker system you will be required to develop a custom mounting solution as well as run new speaker wire to the tweeters from the aftermarket cross-over network. If working with a car that was originally equipped with a trunk-mounted external amp there is ample room to mount the cross-over networks on the rear dech lid and splice into the factory wiring here; running fresh speaker wire to the front of the car for the tweeters. For cars with out an external amp there is ample room behind the door cards for mounting the cross over network.


When installing an Aftermarket Head Unit it is highly recommended that you do not cut the factory wiring and instead use an appropriate integration harness as listed below:

Installation Harnesses:

S13 Head Unit:

  • Metra 70-1763
  • Scosche NN02B

S14 Head Unit (Without external Amp):

  • Metra 70-7550
  • Scosche NN03B

S14 Head Unit (with external Amp):

  • Metra 70-7551

S14 Amp Bypass/Delete Harness:

S13/S14 Antenna:

  • Metra 40-NI11 (Non Diversity) <-recommended for most installs
  • Metra 40-NI10 (Diversity)
  • Metra 40-NI30 (Diversity/Set)
  • Scosche NDAB

S14 Speaker Harness:

  • Metra 72-7400 (converts the Nissan speaker connector to quick disconnects for front rear and tweeters)

S14 BlueTooth Integration Harness:

  • Metra BT-7550 (allows for a device to be installed in-line with the Factory stereo)

Repair Harnesses:

Use these to repair the OEM stereo connector if yours was removed or damaged, Antenna connectors are for use to adapt an aftermarket antenna to the OEM Stereo.
S13 Stereo:

  • Metra 71-1763
  • Scosche NN02RB

S14 Stereo:

  • Scosche 71-7550
  • Scosche NN03RB

S13/S14 Antenna:

  • Metra 40-NI20 (Diversity)
  • Metra 40-NI21 (Non-Diversity)
  • Metra 40-NI30 (Diversity/Set)
  • Scosche NDARB


Both the S13 and S14 use a standard “executive double din” sized slot for the audio head unit. Depending on Audio package that your 240sx was originally equipped with the factory head unit may take up both slots, or it may have been a single din head unit with a single din sized pocket below.  A single din or double din sized stereo should fit without issue.

S13/S14 Din Pocket:

  • Metra 98-7499
  • Scosche NN2155B

S13 Mounting Bracket:

  • Metra 99-7400
  • Metra 99-7407

S14 Mounting Bracket:

  • Metra 99-7409
  • Metra 99-7417 (w/integrated din pocket)

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