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Vacuum test your engine

Filed Under (Diagnostics) by ghost_22_47 on 20-10-2011

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I will be explaining how to vacuum test your engine.

This is the engine I will be testing, a Red Top SR20DET

Red Top SR20DET

 This is the kit I will be using

Compression and Vacuum test kit

Matco Compression and Vacuum Test

Step 1) Find a suitable location to tap into a vacuum line, not a wastgate line.

I used this group of vacuum hoses one that goes to the blow off valve.

Vacuum T connection located above the Throttle Body on the SR20

Step 2) Pull the hose of choice off

Hose removed from T connection

Step 3) My set didn’t come with a T connector so I made one. Use some hose on one side to connect to the male side of the line you disconnected. If you need to make one of these connectors also just go to Home Depot or Lowes and you can find everything you’ll need, make sure you use Tephlon tape to seal the threads.

T connection I made

Step 4) Connect the other end of the fitting adaptor to the hose you pulled off of the male side of the vacuum line.

T connection installed

 Step 5) Connect your vacuum gauge to the only male end left

Gauge connected inline

Step 6) Run the engine and check the gauge for fluctuations that could be caused by leaks, check through different RPM ranges.

Vacuum Gauge with vacuum

That’s it, there were no obvious vacuum leaks on this engine, but to be completely sure you would need to do a smoke test.

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