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S13/S14 Clutch Pedal Comparison

Filed Under (Drivetrain, Interior) by Michael Pica on 10-09-2009

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Every so often the question comes up “is there a difference between the S13 and S14 clutch pedals”. The answer is “YES” however the differences are slight. I had spare clutch pedals from both an S13 and S14 handy so I took pictures of both so you could easily see the differences.

S13 vs S14 240sx Clutch Pedal Comparison

S13 vs S14 240sx Clutch Pedal Comparison

S13 vs S14 240sx Clutch Pedal Comparison

The biggest difference between the pedals is the metal spacer welded to the back of the S14 pedal… on the S13 this spacer exists too however it is welded to the firewall as opposed to the pedal. This means that an S14 pedal cannot be used on an S13 unless the spacer is removed by drilling out the one spot weld. Similarly an S13 pedal cannot be used on an S14 unless a spacer is added.

Other slight differences you might notice is that the pedals are slightly different in size, and that the S14 arm is less thick front to back but more thick side to side. Beyond that they are identical.

If you’d like to use an S14 pedal on an S13 you can easily see where the spot weld is that needs to be drilled out. This is the only thing holding the spacer to the back of the bracket and is very easy to get to. (and if you do this be kind and give the spacer to someone who needs it for their S14.)

S14 240sx Clutch Pedal Spacer

If you’d like to use an S13 pedal on an S14 you can see below that the Spacer measures 30mm exactly. You can stack up washers, or cut short lengths of pipe or some other custom solution… as long as it holds the pedal 30mm away from the firewall.

S14 240sx Clutch Pedal Spacer

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