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S13 light switch fix

Filed Under (Audio & Electronics, Exterior, S13 Specific) by ghost_22_47 on 15-09-2013

Headlights on your S13 acting up? One low beam or both out and same with the high beams? Before you go systematically replacing parts one by one you should check your headlight switch. With a little skill and patience you can repair your headlight switch.

-1st you’ll want to remove your steering column cover.
-Next remove the screws that hold the headlight switch to the column and unplug the connector.
-Now that you have the unit removed you can start to open the switch backing. Remove the small screws from the back and using a very small screwdriver pop the white backing off of the switch.
-You’ll see 5 contact arms, as you turn the headlight switch knob to activate the parking, low beam and high beam lights the arms will move down to make contact. What your faulty one is doing is either not contacting or has dirty contact.
-Use the small screwdriver and clean up the contact surface and then click through the selections and make sure that only the proper ones move down when wanted and actually contact when needed. Bend the arms if needed slightly just make sure you don’t have the high beams down so far that they will contact while in park or low beams and the same for the others. It’s pretty easy to figure out click once 1 arm moves (parking lights) second click 2 arms move (left and right low beams) pull back or push forward and 2 more arms move (left and right high beams).
-After your adjustment carefully put the backing back on (Sucks to get it on right and will take some time) and re-install the switch and test it out. All done



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